How To Get Venture Capital

Advantages of Venture Capitial

Venture capital has a number of advantages over other forms of finance,
such as:
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How Does Venture Capital Work

How Does the Professional Venture Capital ("VC") and Private Equity ("PE") Industry Work?
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Selecting the Venture Capitalist Investor

The NZVCA represents most professional VC and PE organisations in New Zealand. Basic information about each member's investment preferences is set out in the Members section of this website.
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What Does a Venture Capitalist Look For?

Venture capitalists are higher risk investors and, in accepting these higher risks, they desire a higher return on their investment.
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Approaching the Venture Capitalist

Once a short list of appropriate venture capitalists has been selected, an approach can be made.
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The Investment Process

The investment process begins with the venture capitalist conducting an initial review of the proposal to determine if it fits with the firm's investment criteria. If so, a meeting will be arranged with the entrepreneur/management team to discuss the business plan. Read more

Legal Terms

It is likely that a shareholders' agreement would be prepared containing the rights and obligations of each party. This could include: Read more