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NZVCA’s research programme compiles and publishes a wide range of statistics and research on the New Zealand private equity and venture capital industries. The programme’s key focus areas include:

  • Key statistics: The NZVCA/Ernst & Young Private Equity & Venture Capital Monitor reports on fundraising, investment and exits
  • Performance benchmarks: the NZVCA/Cambridge Associates partnership promotes collection of performance data for New Zealand  PE and VC funds
  • Topical research & surveys: NZVCA supports research on topics of strategic importance and interest to members

NZVCA supports greater understanding of the New Zealand VC and PE industry through the provision of reliable data & statistics relating to the industry. NZVCA industry activity and performance data is accessible by the general public. Where feasible (and where such information is not confidential) we also provide customised industry research on request, solely for our members. To get the most out of our research program, you should explore the benefits of membership.

Data collection programme

NZVCA’s data collection programme consists of the collection of:

  1. Fundraising, investment and exit data from GPs via NZVCA’s confidential data collection in association with Ernst & Young; and
  2. Performance data collected by Cambridge Associates.
Performance data

Eligible members will receive applicable index and benchmark statistics directly from Cambridge Associates.

New Zealand Private Equity and Venture Capital Monitor

The Private Equity and Venture Capital Monitor is a joint initiative launched by the NZVCA and Ernst & Young in September 2003

This survey enables the NZVCA to:

  • create accurate information on the size and structure of the venture capital and private equity industry in New Zealand
  • facilitate analysis of industry trends and portfolio returns over time
  • better quantify the impact of the industry on the New Zealand economy
  • assist the NZVCA in setting its strategic objectives
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What is private equity and venture capital?


M&A deal value by Private Equity doubles

New Zealand saw private equity’s (PE) contribution to overall merger & acquisition deal value double in FY2015 according to the latest Market Observations report from the New Zealand Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (NZVCA) and S&P Capital IQ.

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Private equity and venture capital performance

New Zealand Private Equity Returns 

Unlisted businesses make up a significant proportion of enterprise in New Zealand and are a major driver of growth in the New Zealand economy.

Private equity provides access to this investment opportunity. Yet many investors, including institutional investors, have been reluctant to invest due to the limited transparency on the performance of private equity, as an investment class, in New Zealand. This research seeks to address that by investigating the returns from private equity investment into New Zealand companies over an 18 year period.

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Global trends

Global Reports

Turning the corner – Global venture capital insights and trends 2013

By Ernst & Young

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Economic impact of PE and VC ownership

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