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Investing in New Zealand isn’t about just relocating. It’s about regenerating your business.

BIZ- Business Information Zone New Zealand is the whole-of-government business portal designed to make it easier to run your business. It acts as an online business advisor, providing a gateway to business resources.

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New Zealand 2011 Rugby World Cup Festival

The Investment Opportunities in New Zealand Scheme (‘IONZ’) on links registered investors to private equity / venture capital opportunities from a range of industries.

New Zealand is an economy of small businesses. 86% of registered businesses employ less than five people. The key challenge is isolation – not having people around to bounce ideas off and learn from.

Private Equity Media is Australia’s oldest venture capital and private equity publisher, having been established in 1992.

The New Zealand Venture Investment Fund Limited (NZVIF) is a Crown Owned Company established under the Companies Act 1993 and incorporated on 1 July 2002. NZVIF is responsible for implementing the New Zealand Government venture capital programme.

New Zealand’s private equity and venture capital firms represent a deal flow pipeline for their international counterparts to reap the rewards of some of the world’s best investment opportunities.

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New Zealand Investment Story – Tools for General Partners
This report provides an overview of the New Zealand private equity market, with specific focus on the institutional funds management industry. It examines the key features of the market relevant to institutional investors – the size of the market, investment activity, the fund manager landscape and historical returns.

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Doing Business in New Zealand Guide introduces you to New Zealand’s business and trading environment, with particular focus on legal and regulatory matters.

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The New Zealand wine industry has achieved phenomenal growth, producing world renowned wine varieties.

Outside wine, New Zealand juice, beer and alcoholic spirits are all showing significant potential.

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New Zealand is the global leader in lamb and deer meat exports and has a strong position in beef exports; other species are primarily focused on the domestic market, although in recent years chicken exports have been growing.

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New Zealand is a global leader in dairy trade, gaining export market share in the past decade.

New Zealand is the eighth largest milk producing country in the world and accounts for 3 per cent of global milk production. New Zealand is a global leader in the exporting of powders, caseins, butter/dairy fats, and powders, with a strong position in cheese and lactose.

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New Zealand has a rapidly growing processed foods sector, leveraging on available raw and unique materials.

New products, exports and firms continue to emerge, though many of these firms require significant capital to fund growth.

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New Zealand is a major producer and exporter of kiwifruit and apples, accounting for over 70 per cent of the country’s fresh produce export value.

New Zealand also produces a wide range of other fruit and nuts, with significant growth in avocados, cherries and blueberries. We are a mid-sized producer of vegetables for processing and export.

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New Zealand has the tenth longest coastline of any country in the world, access to a strong set of natural resources, and exports seafood to 112 countries.

New Zealand has an efficient, modern seafood industry and large and sustainably managed wild catch fishery. Aquaculture showing huge theoretical growth potential for New Zealand and is based around three species; mussels, salmon, and oysters.

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