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Service Provided: EverEdgeIP is a global, strategic consultancy specialising in Intellectual Capital founded and headquartered in Auckland with offices in London, San Diego and Sydney. We have six of the top 300 Intellectual Property strategists in the world (IAM300s) in the team, more than any other firm globally.EverEdgeIP provides specialist resources, objective, insightful advice and management expertise to maximize returns from investment in intellectual property and research and development.

Our unique blend of experience in technology, law and business has led us to become an expert advisor to ambitious technology entrepreneurs and the world’s largest companies. Whether we are working with a multi-national, a small or medium-sized enterprise, an innovator, a start-up, an investor or a public organisation, our goal is to help you leverage intellectual property to create significant and sustainable value.

One element of what EverEdgeIP does is Intellectual Property valuation. Intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, trade secrets, copy right and confidential information comprise an estimated 70% of the value of most businesses. Accurately valuing the assets that comprise the bulk of your company’s balance sheet is critical to enabling more effective and informed business, investment and financing decisions.

We provide you with an accurate and meaningful valuation of your intangible property that takes into account its underlying commercial, legal and technical strengths and weaknesses. This service is invaluable when preparing for:

• transactions including due diligence and pricing intangible assets for trade sales;
• investment including appraising technology–focused companies seeking venture funding or corporate finance;
• auditing for regulatory, reporting, tax or transfer pricing purposes;
• regulatory requirements – directors are now liable under the new International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) rules to ensure an adequate return on all assets including intangible assets; and
• litigation to assess an intellectual property infringement’s impact and to determine damages.

Contact Phone: +64 9 489 2331
Address: AON Building, 4 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna, Auckland