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Service Provided: The government provides funding for business incubators through Callaghan Innovation, which is New Zealand’s business innovation agency. Callaghan Innovation helps businesses succeed through technology, partnering with businesses in New Zealand developing or commercialising high value products and services. We provide access to specialist research, engineering and commercial expertise, and research funding.Callaghan Innovation supports two kinds of incubators, founder-focused and technology-focused ones.Founder-focused incubators typically work with entrepreneurs by providing them with access to support, networks and investments that help them take a business idea, validate it in the market and – when there is potential – take that idea and build a business.Technology-focused incubators operate with a market-based, profit-driven focus to establish and nurture businesses based particularly on complex technologies, often derived from public research and development. These incubators offer a new repayable grant by applying to Callaghan Innovation on behalf of the start-up companies they incubate.As of 1 December 2014, administration of the Accelerator Programme pilot has transferred from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment to Callaghan Innovation.Accelerators are designed to support the rapid formation of early stage ICT and digital technology start-ups that will drive growth in New Zealand’s digital technologies industry.

There are currently three recipients selected to receive funding from the Accelerator Programme. All three are under the Lightning Lab brand. They are:

  • Creative HQ (Wellington)
  • Canterbury Development Corporation (Christchurch)
  • The Icehouse (Auckland)

Co-funding is at a rate of 1:2 Government to private sector funding (for example: $250,000 from government is matched $500,000 from co-founders).

Accelerate programmes typically run over three to six months and are focused on building businesses’ capability to be investment ready.

Accelerator Programmes complement Callaghan Innovation’s expanded network of eight business incubators, which includes three new technology incubators designed to get more deep IP-based start-ups off the ground. While technology incubators provide up to two years of co-funding and access to repayable grants for start-ups, accelerators provide start-ups with access to mentors, business planning, and investors.

Contact Phone: 0800 CALLAGHAN (0800 402 2552)
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