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No. of Investment Executives: 2
Service Provided: The Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust was established on 3 June 1994. It was created so that some of the funds born out of the corporatisation of the Rotorua Electricity company could be retained and used for the benefit of the community in Rotorua and the surrounding districts.Where the Trust gets its moneyOn 1 September 1994, the Trust received $16,675,340 fully paid up ordinary shares in Rotorua Electricity Limited, amounting to 51 per cent of the issued voting capital. The shares were valued at $32 million at that time.Investing the money wisely means the Trust continues to get its income from the interest and dividends paid on a range of strategically placed investments. This money is then returned to the community in the form of donations.The Trust’s original capital of $32 million has grown to more than $134 million today, with more than $57 million having been invested back into the local community.Objectives Annually distribute a portion of income that is appropriate taking into account the investment goal and cash requirements of the Trust.Communicate the availability of donations, the donations policy and guidelines, and application process to the community on an ongoing basisIdentify organisations and projects that undertake charitable or energy-related charitable activities, and ensure that they are considered for donations.Ensure donation application forms are readily available.Ensure that donation applications are considered within three months of receipt.Require recipients of donations to meet accountability requirements established by the Trust.
Funds Managed: Manage the long term investment portfolio of the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust. The funds are invested in a diverse portfolio of shares, fixed interest,property,venture capital and private equity investments.
Total Funds Managed: one
Current Portfolio Size: $NZ130+ million
Contact Phone: +64 7 347 6239
Fax: +64 7 347 6305
Address: Stuart Burns (Trust CEO), Peter Halligan(Chief Investment Officer), 1358 Eruera Street, PO Box 1418, Rotorua