Genesis Private Equity

Genesis Private Equity Limited:

Email: Kieran O’Hagan: [email protected]

Nathan Mills: [email protected]

Leandra Fitzgibbon: [email protected]

No. of Investment Executives: 3
Funds Managed: Genesis Private Equity No.1 Fund LP
Total Funds Managed: $14.842 million
No.of Investments: 4
Current Portfolio Size: 4
% of portfolio size in NZ: 100%
No. of Investments as Lead Investor: 4
Stage of Investment: Growth Equity including Expansion, MBO, Succession, Replacement
Contacts: Kieran O’Hagan, Nathan Mills, Leandra Fitzgibbon
Contact Phone: Kieran O’Hagan +64 3 3077425,
Nathan Mills +64 3 3077 426,
Leandra Fitzgibbon +64 21 264 5078
Address: 123 Burnett Street, Ashburton 7700