Our Role

The NZVCA’s mission is to develop a world-best private equity (“PE”) and venture capital (“VC”) environment for the benefit of investors and entrepreneurs in New Zealand.

Our activities cover the whole spectrum of investment in New Zealand private capital including Angel investment, seed and early-stage venture capital through to development capital and private equity (including management buy-outs and buy-ins).

We support the industry though:
contact-usWe are the voice of private capital representing the industry to Govenment at every level.

NZVCA Public Policy Submissions

NZVCA Regulatory and Tax Recommendations
Recommendations made in October 2013

Review of KiwiSaver Default Provider Arrangements Discussion Document
Review of KiwiSaver Default Provider Arrangements Discussion Document

NZVCA Submission Companies and Limited Partnerships Amendment Bill
Submission from the New Zealand Private Equity & Venture Capital Association

NZVCA & AANZ Submission Financial Markets Conduct Bill April 2012
Submission from the New Zealand Private Equity & Venture Capital Association and The Angel Association on the Financial Markets Conduct Bill Exemptions.

NZVCA Recommendations for VC Industry 2011
The purpose of this report from the New Zealand Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (NZVCA) is to alert government to the currently unsustainable state of the New Zealand venture capital market and to recommend changes to government policy to ensure this market’s survival in the short term and that it is fit for purpose in the long term.

NZVCA AANZ Submission Securities Law Review August 2010
This submission has been prepared jointly by the New Zealand Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (NZVCA) and Angel Association New Zealand.

2009 NZVCA Regulatory and Tax Recommendations
This report highights suggested changes which would make New Zealand a better place to do business and lighted regulatory load wihile maintaining sensible policy settings.

become-a-memberWe promote the investment case of the asset class to local and offshore investors and encourage in their portfolio allocations to New Zealand PE and VC.

New Zealand is strategically located in the Asia-Pacific region, with proximity and access to high-growth economies internationally.

Our workforce is talented, well-educated and competitively priced, with an aptitude for innovation and cutting edge technology, and a focus on excellence and quality.

We provide a politically and economically stable society, and a positive business environment that has one of the lowest levels of corruption in the world and is supported by a robust legal system that protects intellectual property.

New Zealand is recognised for a flair for original thinking and determined application, leading to the development of novel products and processes and unique resolutions for difficult problems.

We offer world-class research and development (R&D) capabilities, based on a collaborative relationship between research institutes, universities and the private sector, and supported by government initiatives and investment.

Profiles of Investments in New Zealand Companies
Success stories

Learn from the experiences of Kiwi companies growing their businesses and exploring new markets.

Browse success stories and case studies from NZTE.

See list of success stories here.

The New Zealand Advantage

The New Zealand Advantage
New Zealand’s private equity and venture capital firms represent a deal flow pipeline for their international counterparts to reap the rewards of some of the world’s best investment opportunities.

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New Zealand – a great place to live, work and play

New Zealand has been ranked as the number one country for business, in an annual list released today by esteemed business publication Forbes. New Zealand moved up one place from second in last year’s Forbes list.

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office-bearersValuation Guidelines and our Code of Conduct have been developed to a standard that PE & VC Associations recognise globally.

We endorse codes and guiding priniciples that provide an appropriate framework for the conduct of the industry.

Professional Guidelines

Code of Conduct
NZVCA has established a Code of Conduct for members, based on a set of guiding principles. Adption of these rules of conduct by industry participants facilitates the work the NZVCA does on their behalf, such as representing their interests to various government bodies and investors worldwide. The Council of NZVCA adopts international best practice guidelines that NZVCA expects of its members.

Download the Code of Conduct

Valuation Guidelines
These Guidelines have the support of most National PE & VC Associations globally. The Guidelines are based on the concept of fair market value, as opposed to historical cost. A revised version of the IPEV Guidelines was released in September 2009.

Download IPEV Valuation Guidelines (December 2012 edition)

Guide to Venture Capital Term Sheets
The aim of this guide is to provide those who are not familiar with the venture capital investment process with an outline of how investments can be structured, the terms and terminology typically used in a Term Sheet and the broader investment process.

Download the Guide.

partnersWe collect, analyse and publish industry information to help demonstrate the economic impact and benefits or PE & VC.

The NZVCA publishes the benchmark investment activity and performance data for the New Zealand private equity and venture capital industry.

New Zealand Private Equity & Venture Capital Monitor

The NZ Venture Capital Monitor is a joint initiative launched by the NZVCA and Ernst & Young in September 2003

This survey enables the NZVCA to:

Create accurate information on the size and structure of the venture capital and private equity industry in New Zealand
Facilitate analysis of industry trends and portfolio returns over time
Better quantify the impact of the industry on the New Zealand economy
Assist the NZVCA in setting its strategic objectives
NZ Venture Capital Monitor Results:


New Zealand Private Equity Returns 1994-2010

Unlisted businesses make up a significant proportion of enterprise in New Zealand and are a major driver of growth in the New Zealand economy. Private equity provides access to this investment opportunity. This research investigates the returns from private equity investment into New Zealand companies over a 16 year period.

Young Company Finance

NZVIF – along with Economic Development Association of New Zealand (EDANZ), the New Zealand Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (NZVCA) and the Angel Association New Zealand – produce the Young Company Finance (YCF). YCF provides our local private equity market with a regular source of deal information, industry news, and features on specific deals or people.

View the latest YCF here

annual-general-meetingOur networking events provide opportunities to meet industry decision makers. We provide professional development porgrammes for members.

The NZVCA publishes the benchmark investment activity and performance data for the New Zealand private equity and venture capital industry. Each year we host professionals from the private equity and venture capital industry across events includig the NZVCA Annual Conference, Management Awards, regional networking events workshops.

NZVCA Members receive discounts and preference for all NZVCA annual and regional events.

Annual Events

The NZVCA Annual Conference is where you can catch up with industry leaders and the latest trends in private equity and venture capital. One day conference with plenary and break-out sessions, including conference cocktails and dinner.

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NZVCA Events

Networking events and workshops hosted by NZVCA for members, view upcoming events here.

Member Events

NZVCA supports events of our members, view upcoming events here.